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Facial Care

Buy Facial Care Products in Pakistan 

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Beurer Facial Scrubber FCE 60 Description   Features: For daily faci..
Rs. 7,799
Beurer Pureo Ionic Hydration FC 72 Description     Features: Ions ..
Rs. 10,999
Beurer Cosmetic Mirror BS 69 Description   Features: Swivelling mirrors No..
Rs. 8,999
Beurer Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror BS 89 Description   Features: Easily fix..
Rs. 13,999
Beurer Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror BS 99 Description   Features: Bright LED..
Rs. 14,999
Beurer Beauty ELLE FCE 90 Description   Description Noticeable anti-aging power..
Rs. 19,499
Beurer Paraffin Bath MPE 70 Description   Features: For smooth and soft hand..
Rs. 11,999
Beurer Facial cleansing brush FC 45 Description   Features: For daily facial..
Rs. 3,499
Beurer Pureo Deep Cleansing Facial cleansing brush FC 95 Description   Features..
Rs. 12,499
Beurer Pureo Derma Peel microdermabrasion FC 100 Description   Features: For..
Rs. 19,799
Details: Swivelling mirrors Normal and 5x magnification Bright LED light High-..
Rs. 4,099
Beurer Illuminated Cosmetics Mirror BS59 Specification: The Beurer 2-in-1 Lighted Cosmetics ..
Rs. 6,249
Kaliz FACIAL STEAMER 3 in 1  Facial Steamer 3 in 1 with 2.5 Litter Tank  1- Face F..
Rs. 1,799
SPECIFICATION: Facial Steamer 4 in 1  1- Face Facial for skin tone 2-Inhaler for Nas..
Rs. 1,799