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Fitness Massagers

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10 minutes a day, relaxing massage Rubbing pressure set point, multi-frequency vibration, Butou o..
Rs. 8,499
Heating joints and other parts of body Soft Warm Feeling! Personal Care! Use for Joints Pai..
Rs. 1,999
Inflation Pressure Assisted Battery Type Air Vibrating Foot Massager 1. For rela..
Rs. 1,499
Air Pressure Massager Massage Boots gently squeeze and release the muscles in your thighs, cal..
Rs. 4,399
Car Seat Massager Backrest Cushion at Full color box packaging, 5 massag..
Rs. 4,499
Main features SFM 3720GR This massaging bubble bath spa has beneficial effects on your feet: ..
Rs. 5,099
​   Product name: neck massage pillow Size: 30*30*10cm Color: Grey/red/navy ..
Rs. 1,499
  Full Body Pain Relief Vibrate Massager Therapy Massage Electric Digital Machine   ..
Rs. 1,999
Product Description 1.Prevent myopia, beautify eyes; 2.Prevent and cure computer eyes syndrome..
Rs. 1,499
Body Slimmer Ma-020 at   You can feel your body lose subcu..
Rs. 1,999
Multifunction Dual Use Electric Massage Pillow  Infrared Heated 2 in 1 Cushion Home Car Office ..
Rs. 3,999
Beurer HK Comfort Heating Pad Description     Product Description: R..
Rs. 3,399
Beurer Heating Pad HK 44 Description   Cosy and soft heating pad in the shape of a..
Rs. 4,099
Beurer Cosy Stomach and Back Heating Pad (HK 49 Cosy) Description   Features ..
Rs. 5,799
Beurer Mobile Heat Belt Hk 72 Description   Specifications:  Up to 4 hours..
Rs. 8,999
Beurer Footwarmer FWM 50 Description   Specifications: Relaxing shiatsu-massage..
Rs. 7,199
Beurer - Foot Spa - FB 35 Description   Space-saving - Foot ..
Rs. 8,499
Head Vibration Massage Easy-brain Massager Electric Head Massage & Neck Relax Brain Acupuncture ..
Rs. 2,999
  General Features: Noticeably firmer skin Effective massaging of the connective tissu..
Rs. 5,399
Face Massage Beauty Device 11 In 1 at   About Product Don't you just ..
Rs. 1,799
Sencor Foot Massager SFM-3868 For improved blood supply to the skin and blood circulation in ..
Rs. 6,299
Product Name: 12V Car Health Lumbar Massage Universal Car Massager Car Seat Massager cushion for..
Rs. 1,999
 Model: XF-69 - Color: Deep pink - Material: ABS - Quantity: 1 - Power supply: US..
Rs. 799
Systo 3D Massage at ​   1.Full size seat topper. 2.Five massager..
Rs. 4,499
  Details: If you suffer from tension or stress and want to have your very own masseu..
Rs. 3,499
  Details: Muscle tension can be incredibly uncomfortable, causing pain upon movement, he..
Rs. 13,999
Description: Beurer FB 25 is a comprehensively equipped foot bath for exquisite foot care exp..
Rs. 6,899
Description: Beurer FB 50 Foot Bath is an advanced foot bath that delivers an outstanding lux..
Rs. 19,499
Every day you have to stand a lot or have to go to the high heels will make your legs ... or ere..
Rs. 8,999
Highlights Powerful percussion action for a relaxing massage Lightweight Desig..
Rs. 4,499
Features: Powerful tap massage for pleasant relaxation adjustable massage speed  ..
Rs. 9,749
  Description: This Infrared pulsing body massager enables you to carry out a hot or cold..
Rs. 8,499
  Details: Beurer Infrared Massager MG55 is simple to use. Just plug the infrared massage..
Rs. 5,999
This Skin Relief Massager is a safe and effective alternative to chemical and laser peels. Re..
Rs. 999
Features: Neck, waist,back and shoulder massage shawl neck multi-function massage ce..
Rs. 3,999
Streamlined design Can adjust speed to meet different needs Glide button offers great conveni..
Rs. 1,699
  Product Details With infrared massage machine vigorous you can take care of the who..
Rs. 3,199
Blueidea Magic Massager Product Details Massage or massage may be one alternative to elimi..
Rs. 2,999
  Specification: Dimensions:15*16.5*12cm Weight:870g Package Content: 1 * Body M..
Rs. 1,799
Neck Massage Travel Pillow MP3 Ready Description: Ergonomically designed to fit your nec..
Rs. 2,099
Features: 1) Extendable handle fully massage your body 2) Extendable point massage head stre..
Rs. 2,999
MASSAGE Full Seat Topper With Soothing Heat Description: The Massage Full size seat-topp..
Rs. 4,999
      Thanks to oscillate tissue massage pressure in the fat layer a..
Rs. 3,999
Massage Pillow Neck Relaxed Y-M2102 Specification: Promoting the neck, shoulder ..
Rs. 3,299
  Details Fat burning massager with well-grasped handle Continual speed controls imp..
Rs. 2,899
Description Revitalising pressure massage Improves venous circulation by recovery of veins f..
Rs. 16,499
Description Powerful shiatsu foot massage based on 8 rotating massage balls Light and infrar..
Rs. 7,499
Description Soothing shiatsu foot massage with 18 massage heads (3×3 per foot area) Soothing..
Rs. 10,999
Description • Powerful and soothing Shiatsu and air pressure massage for the soles of the feet ..
Rs. 21,999
Beurer MG 147 – Massage Pillow   Description Soothing shiatsu massage Various u..
Rs. 7,999
Description Versatile and selective application Soothing shiatsu massage Targeted applicat..
Rs. 8,999
Description Soothing shoulder and neck massage Deep-acting tapping massage Relieves tensio..
Rs. 10,199
FEATURES With heating function Various uses for neck, back, legs etc. Soothing..
Rs. 9,199
Soothing vibration massage For use at home and on the move With separately controllable heat ..
Rs. 6,999
Description Relaxation in between Vibration massage with 3 illuminated massage heads Massa..
Rs. 2,199
Description Water-resistant exfoliation device and massager With exfoliation attachment: loo..
Rs. 2,499
Description 3-times the relaxation for body, head and face Gentle vibration massage With p..
Rs. 5,199
Description Separate vibration massage Infrared heat massage Depth effect through infrared..
Rs. 4,299
Description Powerful lithium-ion battery Battery life extra long 2 hrs. (at medium speed) ..
Rs. 14,299
Description Powerful lithium-ion battery Battery life extra long 2 hrs. Soothing shiatsu m..
Rs. 13,999
Description Well-known application from physio practice Increases blood flow Increases hyd..
Rs. 16,499
Easy Head Massager The product of many points on the head massage, and acupuncture points for..
Rs. 3,499
Rs. 5,499
  Infrared Kneading Foot Massager Features: 1.Deep kneading and shiatsu mas..
Rs. 3,999
MASSAGE Full Seat Topper With Soothing Heat Description: The Massage Full size seat-..
Rs. 4,999
  Multi-function Massage Cushion TL-2005Z-F Features: 6-piece of high e..
Rs. 5,999
  Specification: Combine the principle of channel massage in traditional Chinese med..
Rs. 1,799
Item Description Description: ·         Thi..
Rs. 3,999