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Digital Dictionaries

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Oxford Dictionary of English & Oxford Thesaurus of English A revolutionary Translator and Dic..
Rs. 7,799
Note : These models are 100% orignal not refurbished & comes in used conditions. odel ..
Rs. 4,199
The right word in FIVE languages at your fingertips when you need it - priceless!   ..
Rs. 3,399
This state-of-the-art electronic reference companion will supercharge your business writing. Write..
Rs. 7,500
FEATURES: The Franklin advanced hand-held dictionary and reference set The new SCD-2100 now inclu..
Rs. 7,999
  Product Overview:   A revolutionary Translator and Dictionary designated f..
Rs. 5,100
    Product Features: English Urdu Dictionary Urdu English Dictionary C..
Rs. 3,799
Main Features:   12 language translator: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, ..
Rs. 8,999
SPECIFICATION:   Dictionaries Contain many complete dictionaries and ..
Rs. 17,499
SPECIFICATION: Pronounces in real human voice in both English and Arabic languages. Dictiona..
Rs. 8,199
  T337 Overview The releasing of Atlas pocket-sized device talking in real human voice ..
Rs. 15,999
    The Franklin MWD-1510 Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus with Spell Corr..
Rs. 4,999
SPECIFIACTION:  Dictionaries New, Updated and Innova..
Rs. 7,499
DESCRIPTION: Built in Atlas World Applications (AWA) A window to an advanced integrated group..
Rs. 32,999
  Franklin MWD-1490 Dictionary and Thesaurus with Comprehensive Reference Set ..
Rs. 3,399
  Urdu to English and English Dictionaries This is the world’s first Urdu-English & E..
Rs. 7,499
    Spoken Dictionary (Speak Urdu and English Both Languages) ..
Rs. 8,999
  Specifications  Publisher  Merriam - Webster®  Batte..
Rs. 5,999
  The world of English Language at your fingertips! This newly redesigned Merriam-Webs..
Rs. 6,999
    The Franklin MWD-1510 Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus with Spell ..
Rs. 4,499
            Model Brand..
Rs. 3,999
  Electronic Dictionary and English Dictionary 183,500 words, phrases and defi..
Rs. 5,699
  Product Description Teachers and parents agree that the Speaking Language..
Rs. 10,799
  Speaking Electronic Dictionary from Franklin with British English dictionary. An esse..
Rs. 9,499
  400,000 Definitions Thesaurus with 500,000 Synonyms and Antonyms Phonetic spell cor..
Rs. 3,999
  Features: This electronic edition of the world-famous Concise Oxford English Dictio..
Rs. 5,299
Product Overview: A revolutionary Translator and Dictionary designated for student and lan..
Rs. 4,999
Electronic Dictionary and English Dictionary 183,500 words, phrases and definitions 85..
Rs. 5,699
Americas #1 Selling Electronic Dictionary & Thesaurus* in electronic format provides you wit..
Rs. 3,999
  Brand: Franklin Model: DMQ-2100   1) Phonetic Spell correction 2)..
Rs. 7,199
          Model Brand Franklin Model ..
Rs. 3,999
Merriam-Webster® Dictionary and Thesaurus provides instant access to 274,000 definitions and 500,000..
Rs. 3,899
  Brand: Franklin Model: DMQ-1500   Description: Franklin DMQ-1500 ..
Rs. 5,799
Brand: Beacon Model: ODE-1000   Beacon OXFORD Speaking Dictionary Of Engli..
Rs. 4,999
Franklin DMQ-570 is a Collins English Dictionary/Thesaurus and Spell checker The DMQ 570 is a por..
Rs. 3,999
Carry the Oxford English Dictionary (2nd Edition) in the palm of your hand! The new Compact Oxford E..
Rs. 4,999
Features Updated content for the 11th Edition, Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary with 400,..
Rs. 6,500