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Beurer 50 Test Strips for GL 44 and GL 45 Description   Under-filling detection: meas..
Rs. 2,199
Beurer Compressor Nebulizer IH 18 Description   Product Details: Technology ..
Rs. 4,599
Beurer Spare Mesh for IH 50 Description   Replacement mesh cap and medicine container..
Rs. 3,599
Beurer Vibrating Membrane Nebulizer IH 50 Description   Features: For the treatm..
Rs. 13,199
Beurer Finger Pulse Oximeter PO 30 Description   ​ Features: Determining arte..
Rs. 5,399
Beurer Finger Pulse Oximeter PO 80 Description   Features: Determining arter..
Rs. 14,399
Beurer Pulse oximeter PO 60 Description   Determining arterial oxygen saturation..
Rs. 7,799
Beurer Back Belt With TENS Device EM 38 Description     Features: Easy t..
Rs. 7,299
Product Description 1.Prevent myopia, beautify eyes; 2.Prevent and cure computer eyes syndrome..
Rs. 1,499
Beurer Bottom trainer - EM 25 Description     Features: EMS Pad for appl..
Rs. 4,999
Beurer Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor (BC 80) Description   FEATURES Fully au..
Rs. 5,799
Beurer 162.829 Cuff for beurer digital BP- Model BM 58 Description   Description ..
Rs. 1,399
Beurer 464.01 Strips 50 Test Strips Pack For GL 40 Description   Product Features ..
Rs. 1,799
Beurer 50 Test Strips Pack for GL 42  Description   50 Test stripsCode free test..
Rs. 1,899
Beurer Hearing Amplifier HA 20 Description   Ideal for restricted hearing ability ..
Rs. 1,299
Beurer - Mobile ECG device - ME 90 Description   Mobile 1-channel ECG device for r..
Rs. 14,699
Beurer Sleep Sensor SE 80 SleepExpert Description   High precision, non-contact ..
Rs. 25,299
Beurer SL 70 BT Gentle snore therapy Description   Gentle snore therapy for ligh..
Rs. 17,999
Beurer - Knee and elbow TENS - EM 29 2-in-1 Description   For pain r..
Rs. 6,999
Beurer Lead wire for BE-660 (BE-502) Description   ..
Rs. 799
Philadelphia Collar – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Description   Soft and ..
Rs. 2,249
Beurer Infrared lamp S BULB 150 For use with colds, tension, muscle ache Flat i..
Rs. 3,849
Details: The way our body feels compared to the actual temperature outdoors or in our home ca..
Rs. 2,499
    Description: The infrared lamp uses the depth effect of infrared radiatio..
Rs. 4,599
  Description: Easy to use: Illuminated insertion slot, large illuminated display, wid..
Rs. 2,599
Vibrating Slimming Massage specification: Material:ABS,PP Size:17*15*11cm Color:blue Pow..
Rs. 1,999
Beurer vibrating membrane tech nebulizer IH50 at Specification: or the tre..
Rs. 13,199
Sencor Thermometer SBT-50  Sound signal of completion of measurement Suitable for measu..
Rs. 649
Beurer PM200+ Heart Rate Monitor Highlights & details Recording the distanc..
Rs. 9,999 Rs. 7,999 -20% SALE
    Beurer Infrared lamp S BULB 100 Simple bulb Exclusive desig..
Rs. 1,299
Description: Infrared heat/healthcare lamps are low to moderate power blownbulb or pressed-gl..
Rs. 2,699
  Details: You have decided to do something more for your health? You are beginning a..
Rs. 4,799
Details: The Beurer AS50 activity sensor tracks your personal activities. The device can be u..
Rs. 5,399
Description: Beurer Heated Cuddle RollCuddle roll for multifunctional application. 3 temper..
Rs. 9,499
Specification : Relax and unwind tired, achy or painful neck and back muscles using ta..
Rs. 6,999
multifunctional heating pad With elastic extension strap To fit every stomach circumference Br..
Rs. 5,799
  Beurer Shoulder and Neck Heating Pad Features: Rapid heat-up function with 3 t..
Rs. 6,399
  Beurer FCE 70 Pureo Ionic Facial Sauna Beurer FCE 70 Ionic Facial Sauna from ELLE by be..
Rs. 9,899
Description: This Facial Sauna attachment opens pores, cleanses skin, and is utilized for oth..
Rs. 4,199
Specification of Beurer MS 01 Mechanical Bathroom Scale (Grey) Made in Germany * Analog dis..
Rs. 1,799
Specifications: Product MS50 (white) Product name Mechanica..
Rs. 3,899
Description: With attractive glitter effect Change over to kg/lb/st Overload indicati..
Rs. 2,399
SPECIFICATION: Baby emotions on your display: Displays a sleeping or crying/waking baby ..
Rs. 9,549
    SPECIFICATION: With handy wrist band for maximum mobility Intercom ..
Rs. 11,499
  Specification of Beurer EM 10 Mini Pad Tens : The EM10 mini pad from Beurer is an ..
Rs. 1,699
Beurer FCE 75 technical specifications 1.   Blue light skin corrector pen with ..
Rs. 11,099
Features: 1- Face Facial for skin tone 2-Inhaler for Nasal Problem 3-Room Humidifier 4-Pipe fo..
Rs. 1,699
Product Details Sculptural body innovation 1. Off/massage /massage +IR switch AC220~240V, ..
Rs. 2,599
FAQ'S Do you suffer from the effects of tension and stress? Do everyday aches and pains leav..
Rs. 3,499
Twenty-six soft massage and Nd. magnet Button: on/off, mode, timer Nine massage modes Speci..
Rs. 1,999
Instant wieght loss Sweat away unwanted fat & cellulite Great shape to the abdomain Waist..
Rs. 2,799
Product Features: 1. Double-end massager 2. Vibrating Massager is easy to use 3. Compact ..
Rs. 5,299
Blueidea Magic Massager Product Details Massage or massage may be one alternative to elimi..
Rs. 4,499
Product Name: The therapy plus body and scalp massaging brush Operate on 2 AA baterries, not ..
Rs. 1,499
Features: Professional 4 in 1 anti-cellulite massager 100% Brand New. Weight: 797g ..
Rs. 2,349
MANIPOL Body Massager Features: 1. Power Speed Regulator  2. Hand Grip ..
Rs. 1,799
SPECIFICATIONS: 1) The streamline design makes it look fashionable 2) The strong beat and de..
Rs. 2,349
Adjustable and Comfortable Relaxing Cushion This  cushion allows you to keep your fa..
Rs. 9,999
Description: The Energy King Massager is the perfect at-home massage tool to take care of tho..
Rs. 2,999
Specification: You will feel the difference the first time you use the Vibrating Hair Brush! ..
Rs. 1,699
Maximum power, control and performance are what make the Brookstone MAX massager so incredible. This..
Rs. 4,750
  Details: Beurer Infrared Massager MG55 is simple to use. Just plug the infrared massage..
Rs. 5,999
  Including: Gentamicin drops 1 pc Cicatrin powder 1 pc Payodine solution 50 ml 1pc..
Rs. 2,199
  SPECIFICATION: Measurement: 6.4 x 1.7 cm With rubber coating 4 replacement..
Rs. 1,799
Forehead Infrared Thermometer at 1)Non-Contact and with a high accuracy of measure..
Rs. 2,999
Systo Waist Slimming Machine at ​ 8 High Efficiency For your body to escort 1..
Rs. 5,499
3 Sets: Elevate 5cm al Instante Set includes: 5 pairs of insoles that can be put one on..
Rs. 999
    SPECIFICATION:  CR 2001  Desk type mercurial sphygmomanometer ..
Rs. 6,499
  SPECIFICATION: CR 2004 wall type mercurial sphygmomanometer  0-300mmHg ..
Rs. 6,799
Beurer GL40 (mmol/L) Blood Glucose Monitor Features: Small, handy and ideal for use awa..
Rs. 1,799
Certeza Bulb with both value (PVC) CR-8001L:   SPECIFICATION: Bulb with both valve..
Rs. 999
  Features :  Large LCD display  Large button  Automatic power o..
Rs. 4,499
Features: 90 Memory recall function Irregular heartbeat indicator Body movement indica..
Rs. 5,499
  PRODUCT DETAILS Type Wrist Model ID CH 650..
Rs. 4,199
Oppo Ankle Support Elastic 2001 in Specification: Four Ways Stretchable Co..
Rs. 899
Certeza aneroid sphygmomanometer  CR 1006:       SPECIFICATION: C..
Rs. 2,199
  SPECIFICATION: CR 1004 (New Model with big dial) Measure scope: 0-300mmHg ..
Rs. 1,549
SPECIFICATION: CR 1002  Standard Size Measure scope: 0-300mmHg Accuracy: +/-3mm..
Rs. 1,499
Specifications: Material: ABS Color: Pink   Size: 132*77*46mm(L*W*H)   &..
Rs. 1,999 Rs. 1,199 -40% SALE
Description Easy to use Flexible stomach belt with Velcro fastening LCD with clear symbols..
Rs. 7,799
Beurer Hearing Amplifier HA 50 Description   Specifications: Ideal for restri..
Rs. 1,899
Get a perfect French manicure without the need to go to the salon or use nail polish at home..
Rs. 1,499
  Finishing Touch Lumina personal hair remover   Brand new in package, never open..
Rs. 1,999
Systo Sauna Pant at ​ Sauna Pants provide the benefits of a heat sauna in the area ..
Rs. 2,499